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Our Mission

At Prefeca Development, we would like to say that, “We are not like other software and web design companies.” So how are we different? We hold ourselves to a higher standard than the Tech Giants. Your project is our project, you are coming to us to find the solution to the problems that is causing your business to not be the best there is and for us to call ourselves the best we have to provide the highest quality of service, keep strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and get your app, website, or internal web application to market on time and that it is working properly at launch. As well, Prefeca promises that you will feel like you are doing business with a company that is the same size as yours, we are in this to do what we love and you should be able to trust that no matter the size that Prefeca becomes, we will always treat you with the highest respect and keep your goals in mind from quote to launch.

Why are we doing this?

The tech industry has accumulated a stigma that when a business is in need of software, no matter if it is a mobile app, website, or web application, the tech company has their own interests in mind and will get the work done on their terms alone. Prefeca is seeking to eliminate that. Our business can’t move forward and grow, if a low-level of quality causes your business to fall behind and struggle. So, we fully know that we have to make sure that your business is succeeding with our solutions.

Why should we build your website?

Yes, there are online services out there that provide a means for you to build a website that looks modern and eye catching, but you are limited to what they have. Want something custom? If their updates break that customer feature, they will not support it and help you fix it. Add a login screen for your customers to have an account to easily purchase your goods and services, but a data breach happens; that will fall completely on you. Yet, having us build your mobile application, web site, or web application, that responsibility falls on us. Hence why we hold ourselves to a very high standard of quality and there can’t be any room for errors. We constantly test our templates to make sure that our password policies, encryption, and applications are up-to-date and have little room for someone to get your data.